Clear + Brilliant laser treatment

For maintenance, prevention, and a glow

Are you not ready for big procedures, but feel like you’ve maxed out on photofacials, chemical peels, or your skin care products? Or are you looking for an entry-level laser treatment? Clear + Brilliant is for you! Literally, a mini version of the Fraxel DUAL, a little fractional laser baby. It’s perfect for prevention of skin aging, a pick-me-up, or for maintenance of any skin care regimen. Really no downtime (maybe a little redness), we love this little gizmo. Think microdermabrasion on steroids—Dr. Magovern and the staff are hooked!

There are 2 treatment handpieces—we’ll pick the best one for you:

Original: 1440nm

To prevent and treat early skin aging, and improve skin texture, firmness, elasticity, and pore size. Boost that collagen!

Perméa: 1927nm

For pigment, radiance, and improved permeability of your products (they will work better). Includes a topical antioxidant infusion with glowmd CE + Ferulic Gel immediately post procedure. Your skin will glow!

Have questions? Check out our frequently asked questions or watch a video of the procedure. Or better yet, schedule a cosmetic consultation ($150)! Please give us a call at 310.546.1188 or request an appointment online.

  • DOWNTIME:           Minimal-to-none, possible redness
  • PROCEDURE TIME: Treatment takes about 30 minutes, numbing cream may be applied prior to treatment.
  • MAINTENANCE:      4-6 treatments recommended, at monthly intervals