cosmetic dermatology

Your Rejuvenation Station

We would love to partner with you to develop a skin rejuvenation plan specific to your needs. Whatever your concern, we have the tools and treatments—all in one place. Keeping your particular goals and budget in mind, we are confident we can help you look and feel more relaxed, radiant, and youthful. It is our specialty.

At Manhattan Dermatology, we strive to keep our prices affordable so that our patients are able to enjoy the amazing cosmetic treatments and procedures available on the market today. We are not a cosmetic center. We are a medical office, dedicated to cosmetic and general dermatology, and you are our patients, not our customers. Rather than offering specials and discounts, we bring you quality, safety, and expertise in advanced techniques, the best machines on the market, and the utmost in patient care.

Already know what you want? Schedule today! Not sure? Schedule a cosmetic consultation ($150). Our front office staff members are happy to assist you and answer your questions over the phone. Call us at 310.546.1188.