Vivace Fractional Micro Needle RF

Microneedling + radio frequency

For fine and deep wrinkles, skin tightening, acne scars, and overall texture, tone, and glow

Vivace is the minimally-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment that combines microneedling and radio frequency (RF) resulting in tighter, younger-looking skin with minimal downtime. The microneedling stimulates collagen while radio frequency helps tighten and tone the skin, alleviating wrinkles and fine lines. It’s safe for most skin types and perfect for any type of skin rejuvenation. Great for the face, neck, hands, and body.

For an extra collagen boost, pair your Vivace treatment with PRP!

  • DOWNTIME:           Minimal. Redness will occur in the treatment area and usually lasts 3-5 days. Depth of treatment is dictated by what condition we are treating—acne scars and deep wrinkles may experience more downtime.
  • MAINTENANCE:      We recommend a series of 3, spaced 4–6 weeks apart—with series of 3, you’ll get an Alastin skin care kit.