Skintag + Flat Mole + DPN Removal

Amazingly quick + easy

skin tag removalAll of us have skin tags at some point in our life and some of us are prone to flat dark moles or DPNs (dermatosis papulosa nigra) on the face and neck. And most of us would like them removed. Did you know it’s a pretty simple to do? Skin tags usually take just a few seconds to remove. Flat moles and DPNs may require a little more time—we usually numb the skin with numbing cream for 15-20 minutes. After the cream is removed, we “buzz” them off with a hyfrecator (a heated pinpoint device). May resume normal activities after your appointment. We recommend keeping any crusts or scabs moist with Vaseline or Aquaphor until they fall off (usually a couple days) and use a sunscreen containing zinc daily.

Patients are amazed how easy it is and always wish they had done it sooner. May require a couple sessions.

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