Ear Piercing

safe + sterile

For children and adults alike

Bring your kids (or yourself) to Manhattan Dermatology for pierced ears in a safe, clean, sterile environment. We have all the equipment here! We also can pierce ears after a torn earlobe repair, or for anyone who would like another piercing.

Please note that we don’t do cartilage piercings at this time.

  • PRE-/POST-CARE:  Earrings should be kept in for 6 weeks continuously before removing. Please clean the piercing site daily with alcohol or antibiotic ointment and a cotton-tipped applicator. It is also recommended that you rotate the earring in the ear daily. If you develop any piercing site reaction or pain, please contact our office: 310.546.1188.
  • DOWNTIME:           None
  • MAINTENANCE:      None


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