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Vanquish Body Contouring

manhattan_dermatology-vanquish-before_aftersManhattan Dermatology is excited to introduce Vanquish, the latest in non-invasive, surgery-free fat reduction. How does it work? Vanquish uses controlled radio frequency (RF) waves to target fat cells, destroying them without harming muscle or affecting skin. Over time, the cells are then filtered through the lymphatic system, metabolized in the liver, and excreted through urine. It’s relatively painless and requires no downtime—you might experience warmth, redness, or tenderness, but you can resume your daily routine immediately.

Vanquish can treat both upper and lower abdominals, love handles, lower back, and bra bulge. Results vary from person to person, some seeing a difference after just one treatment, and most patients can expect to see results a couple of weeks after their final treatment. We typically recommend a series of 4-6 weekly treatments (per area), each lasting about 45 minutes. We will tailor your treatment to your specific needs and preferences.

Vanquish is ideal for those who are already in good shape but looking to treat stubborn fat without surgery. It is safe for any skin type or color. Pregnant or nursing women, as well as those with abdominal implants (such as a pacemaker, cardio converter, cochlear implant or other metal implants in the abdominal area) are not to be treated with Vanquish.

To learn more about Vanquish, schedule a complimentary consultation—or if you’re ready to book your Vanquish treatments now—please give us a call at 310.546.1188 or request an appointment online.

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